Ya hungry? I could whip something up for ya….
– Cookie Cake
Cookie Cake
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By PickFairy
~ DAfavicon PickFairy
Full Name Ms. Cookie Cake
Title title goes here
Race Earth Pony
Sex Female
Faction/Role Stable 36
Family ???
Status Alive

Cookie Cake is a player character protagonist in the Fallout Equestria tabletop RPG campaign  The Iron Prince.



Ms. Cake comes from Stable 36 where ponies are given complete freedom in their creativity. Fillies and colts were taught differently so that they could be more creative to their solutions. Instead of giving them suggestions on how to solve a problem, they were able to come up with their own answers. Once a pony received their cutie mark, they were assigned to their certain part of the stable where they would aid the other ponies. Painters with other painters kept the stable colorful, and diverse along with aiding the community with posters and portraits. Mechanics kept the stable running, along with fixing all other technical issues. Writing ponies helped to wrote stories, and speeches. All groups of special talents came together to strive in this stable and so on. The stable was lead by a OverMare and OverStallion where the two voted on each decision after a debate or two. 

Cookie Cake was with the group of cooks where she learned how to cook many different recipes. The stable held many books and several were books full of pictures of what Equestria used to look like before. One book that she treasured the most was a book passed down her family. Although most foods do not exist anymore thanks to the state of Equestria, she was able to cook the recipes she could. She has a knack with making almost anything editable and tasty.

Present DayEdit








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