• Crimson Sigil
  • Grand Gatefold
  • Grey Wind
  • Spectrum Square and KENPACHI RAMASAMA!
  • Gear Bug
  • Gear Boks, Father of Destruction
  • Gidget Wrench, the Catalyst
  • Cookie Cake
  • Spyglass, sharpshooting scout from stable 15
  • Xentomi

The Iron Prince, the first flight.

Fallout Equestria: The Iron Prince is a Roleplaying is Magic Campaign by Game Master Gear Boks. It is the story of a small group of unwilling ponies chasing after a dangerous piece of pre-war technology, The Iron Prince.

Synopsis Edit

Upon the recieving a mysterious call warning of terrible danger and promise of great reward a group of strangers come together to meet a mysterious mare with a seemingly legitamate plea for help. now, the group is forced on a mission with the threat of death to stop the ultimate war machine, The Iron Prince. Now they must fight through raiders, ghouls, emotionally compromised robots, clones, bug things with tv heads! will they overcome? Or will they fall to a force waiting long dormant in the wasteland? 


Player charactersEdit

  • Cookie Cake: Adventuring earth pony chef from Stable 36.
  • Crimson Sigil: Unicorn bloodmage from Stable 93.
  • Grand Gatefold: Hippogrif minstrel from Stable 17.
  • Grey Wind: Bat pony ninja found hiding in the ruins above Gear Boks II' secret laboratory.
  • Spectrum Square: Unicorn mathemagician from Stable 113.
  • Spyglass: Earth pony sharpshooter from Stable 15.
  • Violet Breeze: Perpetually sad earth pony encountered in the Sierra Madre Resort ruins.
  • Xentomi: Unicorn waterbender from Stable 114

Major Non-Player CharactersEdit

  • Cogette: A unicorn mare clone of Gear Boks. She is one of the 3 sisters trying to thwart the protagonists and restore the Iron Prince to "recreate" the surface world. She is the leader of the 3 sisters. In an early encounter with the PCs, she lost one of her forelegs.
  • Ditzy Doo: Ghoul trader from New Appleoosa.
  • Gear Boks: Genius Equestrian war-time earth pony inventor. He is reponsible for the creation of the Iron Prince. Deceased.
  • Gear Boks II: Modern-day clone of Gear Boks with all his original memories. With Gidget Wrench and the protagonists help, he seeks to destroy the Iron Prince.
  • Gear Bug: An anti-virus AI created by Gear Boks that became sapient. It overzealously seeks to cleanse all technology from virus threats, putting the protagonists in danger to do so.
  • Gidget Wrench: A mysterious earth pony tinkerer. She recruited the protagonists for the mission to seek out and destroy the Iron Prince, threatening to blow them up if they don't.
  • Kenpachi Ramasama: Spectrum Square's sapient, mischievous spritebot companion. He rarely obeys Square unless he forcibly takes control of Kenpachi through his pipbuck.
  • Muffin King, The: A minor demon lord of Tartarus who placed a curse on New Appleoosa. 
  • Ratchette: A threstal clone of Gear Boks and Grey Wind. She seems to age at an accelerated rate and she has mysterious powers to conjure and manipulate shadows. She was created to wield the Lazarus Toolbox, a mysterious technology which will supposedly help the PCs defeat the Iron Prince.
  • Seller: The ghost of an earth pony merchant the PCs were unwittingly hired to kill by his brother, Trader. His ghosts frequently and vengefully haunts the protagonists by sending them to alternate universes where they encounter corrupted "avatar" versions of themselves.
  • Semiflange: An earth pony filly clone of Gear Boks. She is one of the 3 sisters trying to thwart the protagonists and restore the Iron Prince to "recreate" the surface world. She is just a child, and is therefore the youngest of the sisters. She also seems to be mute.
  • Sprocket: A pegasus mare clone of Gear Boks. She is one of the 3 sisters trying to thwart the protagonists and restore the Iron Prince to "recreate" the surface world. 
  • Trader: An earth pony merchant who hired the protagonists early in the campaign to unwittingly murder his brother by delivering a parcel to him containing a timed explosive. 
  • Xavia: A pegasus mechanic and former raider. She once saved Xentomi before he met the other protagonists. After reuniting with him again, she now travels with the protagonist as their vehicle expert. 


This section contains a list of pages for each session that has taken place in this campaign.

Here, an "episode" means a series of gameplay sessions comprising an "episode" as described by the My Little Pony:Roleplaying is Magic season 3 edition rules. Each episode can be thought of as a chapter to the ongoing story of the campaign.

Episode 1: The Sisters and the PrinceEdit

  • 1.1 Welcome to the Wasteland!
  • 1.2 Ponyville and the Gear Sisters
  • 1.3 Flight of the Iron Prince

Episode 2: Muffins & ManticoresEdit

  • 2.1 The Everfree Vault
  • 2.2 Gamma Rover MK II
  • 2.3 Curse of the Muffin King
  • 2.4 Reactors & Radroaches
  • 2.5 The Infernal Muffin

Episode 3: Gear Boks' MansionEdit

  • 3.1 Undeath of a Salespony
  • 3.2 Dream in Code
  • 3.3 Raiders of the Mesas
  • 3.4 Storm the Mansion!
  • 3.5 The Baker and the Ninja

Episode 4: Mechanics & MercenariesEdit

  • 4.1 Summer Sun Celebration
  • 4.2 Junkyard of Abandoned Toys
  • 4.3 What Happens when You Put Ponies in a Microwave?
  • 4.4 Favor to a Travelling Samurai

Episode 5: tbaEdit

Side Stories: Abominable Avatars Edit

  • S1 Avatar of Slaughter
  • S2 Avatar of Control
  • S3 Avatar of Frost
  • S4 Avatar of Hunger

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