Fallout Equestria: On the Bright Side of Death also known as Ask 18 Carrot, is a tumblr based webcomic, written by Inkwell Tailbrush and Co-written and edited by SonofGrim and MadModd. The story follows the adventures of the titular protagonist,18 Carrot. Like similar Fallout: Equestria tumblr-based comics, It employs the MSPA/Quest style of accepting commands from readers and acting on them in-universe.

Synopsis Edit

After recovering from a surgery and awakening in the operating room of Doctor Bailin Wire, 18 Carrot learns of her cybernetic augments and recovers her belongings. She proceeds to re-interface with her PipBuck, while Bailin Wire explains about Stable 18 as she seems to have been a resident, due to her jumpsuit. She leaves the office soon afterwards, while Bailin Wire is distracted and trying to convicne her to settle down. Her journey begins, walking down an old road and listening to her radio.

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