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Fallout Equestria: Oasis, written by InkSplash, is the story of Whisper - a misfit in her all-unicorn Stable sent out into the wasteland to save the only home she's ever known. What she thought would only be a quick trip out of the Stable to grab a replacement talisman for the Stable's water system turned into a nightmareish trip into the decaying ruins of the old world.

It can be found on FimFiction and GoogleDrive


Oasis takes place in and around the Vanhoover region on the west coast of Equestria, an area home to experimental weapon manufacturers and a base of Equestrian aeronautics production. The two major corporations that called the region home have left an indelible mark in the form of warehouses, research installations and factories that are still being discovered amid the ruins.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Whisper - Her talents did not lend well to living in the self-contained environment of Stable Fifteen, neither did her lack of understanding of the concepts of privacy and private property. While growing up she was often mocked for her lack of telekinetic prowess and useless, possibly dangerous, magic. Prior to being sent out of the Stable, she used her skills to break into other pony's rooms and rearrange furniture, leave notes in their lockers and similar mischief. She is a Unicorn and her cutie mark is of a unicorn outline.
  • Ruby Spark - Spark has been somewhat less than successful as a trader, but her technical knowledge has come quite in handy more than once. She's rather vague concerning where she got her skills when anyone asks. She is an Earth Pony with a mint green coat and auburn mane, her cutie mark is a red lightning bolt.
  • Night Star - A machinist in the town of Bridleton who also serves as the town's medic. Night's record of success in treating injuries worse than cuts, bruises and the odd broken bone is less than stellar, to the point that most Bridleton ponies won't use her medical services unless forced to. She tends to treat ponies like squishy machines when working on them. She's a charcole coated unicorn with a white streaked, purple mane and a cutie mark of a crossed wrench and syringe.
  • Silver Snap - A pegasus mare and friend of Ruby Spark, Snap is foremost a scavenger and sometimes courier for anyone who needs a message delivered quickly. Snap's lack of branding points to her being ground-born, though even her close friends aren't entirely sure of her background as she rarely speaks. Her coat is purple-blue with a two-tone yellow and dark yellow mane and tail, and quill pen for a cutie mark.


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