"History is always in motion."

The Cover for Fallout Equestria: Lost Cove.

Fallout Equestria: Lost Cove is a Fallout: Equestria based side-story by RuinQueenofOblivion.

Synopsis Edit

A lieutenant in the Enclave named Bright Feather is sent on a mission to Mount Pleasant Island along with the rest of her Unit when the Vertibuck they're flying on crash lands on the island.

Finding the island to be covered with a radioactive fog and monsters that the likes of which hasn't been seen elsewhere in Equestria. After tracking the radio transmitter from the Vertibuck to the ruined Pon! factory, she picks up a transmission from a cult on the Island claiming that they will plunge the island into darkness.

From there, her real adventure begins.

Main Characters Edit

Heroes Edit

Bright Feather Edit

An Enclave lieutenant and the only survivor of Recon Unit 4, Bright Feather comes from a farming family above the clouds and had joined the Enclave military when she was old enough. She finds herself on Mount Pleasant Island and must uncover the mysteries of the island if she wants to escape.

Horizon Edit

A Pegasus fisherpony who's family has lived on Mount Pleasant Island since before the Great War. He was the one who found Bright Feather after her Vertibuck crash landed on the island and brought her to the town of Lost Cove.

Villains Edit

Shark Jaw Pony Edit

An Earth Pony who Bright Feather and Horizon encounter in the Pon! factory, he seems to be associated with the Sharktooth Gang of Raiders that are on the island.

High Priestess Edit

The leader of the Nightmare Society, a cult of ponies on the island that worships Nightmare Moon as a Goddess. She has only appeared as a voice over the radio at the end of chapter one.

Setting Edit

Fallout Equestria: Lost Cove is set on Mount Pleasant Island off the coast of northern Equestria. The island has long been a fishing community dating back to before the Great War. It has since been covered with a fog tainted by the fallout from the Megaspells that hides many monsters.

Notes Edit

  • In terms of setting, Lost Cove and its setting of Mount Pleasant Island is based on the Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor and the real world location of Mount Desert Island.

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