"War, war never changes. But War can change a Pony."

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Fallout Equestria: Hidden Legacy is an ongoing spin-off fanfiction by RuinQueenofOblivion that stars the "children" of the Ministry Mares.

Summary Edit

Hidden Legacy is built around one basic concept, the legacies left behind after the war with the Zebras. During the war, a Stable-tec Scientist and his team started Project Legacy in Stable 112, which would use the genetic material of Ponies to create a new generation that would help populate Equestria after a megaspell apocalypse.

210 years after the bombs fell, the last of these ponies, Rain Runner the daughter of Rainbow Dash leaves her pod and ventures out into the Wasteland. There she must find the other Ponies created by Project Legacy, and discover the truth behind their origins.

All while braving the last surviving Equestrian City, New Pegasus.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Rain Runner Edit

The genetically created daughter of Rainbow Dash, Rain was the last Pony created by Project Legacy to leave the magical stasis.

Crystal Belle Edit

The genetically created daughter of Rarity, Crystal was the last Pony to leave Stable 112 before Rain, and was found by her singing at the Double Diamond Casino in New Pegasus.

Notes Edit

  • In terms of setting, the fanfic is mostly inspired by Fallout: New Vegas, but focuses more on the city itself without the full scale war.

External Links Edit

Hidden Legacy on Fimfiction.

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