Fallout Equestria: Foreshadow is a story written by the user NitoKa. The story follows the adventures of a book obsessed hermit who turned adventure through an interesting set of events, Page Turner. 

You may read it on FiM Fiction.


Page Turner is a stallion who enjoys living by himself and his books. He has done so for a good long part of his life. Though, when he is finally persuaded to leave his home for a short amount of time, he is reminded of why he holed himself in there in the first place.


The story of Foreshadow starts off in the ruins of Manehatten, approximately 30 years before Littlepip exited her stable and began her adventures. More will be added as chapters are released.


Page TurnerEdit

Page Turner is the protagonist of Foreshadow. He is a rather inteligent buck who has an odd obessesion with books and reading materials. He is shown to be kind to most, but rather frail and afraid when in the face of immiedatly overwhelming odds. He is shown though not much later in a much more cold and calculating way, showing that if he can have some time to think he does not lose his nerve easily, shown this when he simply blows up a raider and only feels mild disgust at the sight and then focuses his attention to the task at hoof. 

Fauna BloomEdit

Fauna Bloom is a side character, a companion to Page. She is Page first friend since he became a hermit, through an incident that almost had Page killed by her father, Granola Bar. She is plucky, kind, and almost always happy in any situation. She is shown to have some experience with Page's explosives, though she doesn't entirely know how to work them, to Page's dismay. She is also shown to be motherly to Page, dispite being a unicorn filly near half his age, and generally wants to protect him. She is not turned away by death much, as shown by when she saved Page from a raider by killing it. She is generally curious and interested in Page's stories and his past, the much he will tell her.

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