I've been a long time Civilization Fan and a shorter time MLP:FIM fan. I had been experimenting with modding earlier, when it dawned on me that it was about time for 2 of my favorite entertainments be joined together in epicness! And I just knew it would be SO Awesome!!!! /)-3-(\

Hahaha, but anyways, this Civilization V mod adds the main factions from Kkat's Fallout: Equestria into Civilization 5. I hope you like it. =)


The New Canterlot Republic under LittlePip 

  • UA: Legacy of the Stabledweller: Farms produce +1 food and City States can be annexed for a sum of gold 
  • UU: Lightbringer: Can earn xp quickly, and can convert units to the NCR, but is weaker than the marine it replaces. Requires 5 horses. 
  • UB: Followers of the Apocalypse Center: Desert, Tundra, and Snow tiles provide +1 food. 

The Steel Rangers under Elder Blueberry Sabre 

UA: Power Armor Tech: Defensive buildings produce +1 science. All units recieve a 15% bonus defending 

  • UU: Heavy Steel Rangers: Can bombard and direct attack, recieves a bonus vs cities/fortified. Replaces bazooka. 

Requires 2 iron. 

  • UU: Star Paladin: Replaces Great General. +1 movement and can create MWT Stronghold (A citadel w/ +3 science). 

The New Equestria under Red Eye 

  • UA: Corrupted Generousity: Trade routes yield +2 gold. Units recieve a bonus around the Capital, and have a chance of recruiting encamped Barbarians to Red Eye's cause. Cities produce slightly more unhappiness. 
  • UU: Slaver Gang: Replaces Infantry. Recieves a bonus outside friendly lands and when attacking cities. 
  • UI: Refurbished Factory: Costs 3 gold but produces +3 Production and +2 Culture. Can only be built over a mineral straegic resource.

The Grand Pegasus Enclave (Military) under Autumn Leaf 

UA: Operation Cauterize: All land units can paradrop 4 spaces and reiceve +1 sight. 

  • UU: Raptor: Can carry 1 aircraft and speciallizes in taking down air units and armor units. Can fly over water. Requires 2 aluminum and 1 oil and can't capture cities. Is stronger than the helicopter it replaces. 
  • UU: Thunderhead: A massive flying carrier that is slow, but is incredibly powerful, and recieves a bonus vs cities. Can carry 3 planes, travel over water, and requires 3 aluminum and 1 uranium.

Other Changes: 

-Helicopter Units can fly over water and don't embark.


  • The Unity under the Goddess (In progress) 

Fo:E Scenerio

Grab my mod over here on the Steam Workshop:

Also check out ArtisticMink's (Masterhummel's) awesome Fo:E City State mod:

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