Possibly created by Littlepip when in Fallout: Equestria- Silent Ponyville her consciousness was exposed to the Akashic Codex. The name of the timeline comes from the Arcane Division chapter “Running on Fallout Equestria 2.0”.

In this chapter a griffon named Melissa Featherborn finds a statue of alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle in front of the Twilight Sparkle Museum located in Ponyville with the inscription of “Your Faithful Leader, -Twilight Sparkle”.

The extent of the changes to the timeline and how it would have affected the events of Fallout Equestria is unknown, but to all appearances the affect seems to be very little since end results of those events appears to be the same.

Possible Timeline Only LocationsEdit

Twilight Sparkle Library and Museum

Everfree Zoo

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