Fallout Equestria Winter's Wrath Cover
Fallout Equestria: Winter's Wrath is a side-story written by Dark Chiami. The story follows Amethyst, a young unicorn mare born within Stable 86. Her mission is to find a water talisman for her Stable and bring it back safely with the help of friends. The story itself is set before the events of Fallout: Equestria, though a specific time was never given. 


Amethyst is a young maintenance mare who finds out that the water talisman within her stable is failing. She finds herself outside her stable in a bid to find a new one. With winter approaching, the horrors of the Equestrian Wasteland is waiting to test her patience, anger and willpower to claim the rare and valuable item. With many obstacles standing in her way, Amethyst will embark on an epic journey and face the wrath of the Equestrian winter head on. Like every other pony wandering the wastes she is not immune to the horrors the Equestrian Wasteland has to offer.

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Fallout Equestria: Winter's Wrath can be read through FIMFiction  and is avalible for download via PDF . (PDF file made by hunterz263)

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