The Stablefilly and The Beast is a story written by Quilliam Keystrokes, the same name as one of the main protagonists in the story. 


Quilliam, a hardened raider (or survivor, as he likes to call himself), born long before the war, encounters a filly, no older than 17, coming out of a Stable just 15 minutes after he robbed his last companion at gunpoint. At first he is tempted to take the chance at a defenseless mare to use and some new supplies to take, but his conscience got the better of him. He was a nice stallion before the war. Seeing her, with her clean and almost pre-war looks, a small memory of his daughter wormed itself into his brain, refusing to let him do any harm to her. He takes her under his tutelage and teaches her the ways of the Wasteland.  


It mostly takes place in West Virwhinnia, but can spread to other areas whenever it's necessary. West Virwhinnia is  a wooded area that got torn to shreds by the megaspells and has been mostly cut off from outside trade due to the difficult to traverse mountains. Caravans cannot come and go in West Virwhinnia as easily as they could elsewhere, so healing potions and the like are a rarity. 


Daisy - A young mare from Stable 541 who was thrust into the Wasteland when she had to flee from her Stable for killing her Overmare during a botched surgery. Innocent and quick to feel guilty, she often has doubts about the group she is working with. Despite the atrocious acts she witnesses and sometimes has to commit, she can see glimmers of hope in her partners in crime.

Quilliam - An author from before the war, soldier during it, and now a soulless ghoul who takes what he wants, no matter who it hurts. Rapist, murderer, bandit, he is a notorious villain. However, he often does a good deed just to confuse ponies. He is unpredictable and quick to enrage, though can stay collected when caps are involved. There is only one group he is against hurting, and that is those close to him. If an adversary goes to hurt somepony he respects, they will be quickly obliterated if it is within his power. He is the son of Discord, however when the 'bombs' dropped, he used his chaos magic to shield himself from the explosions. It only partially worked. He survived, but he was turned into a living corpse. And now, his chaos magic is heavily limited.

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