Story and SettingEdit

A series of Pipbuck audio logs recorded in the final month of the War between Ponies and Zebra's. They follow the last week and a half of the Unicorn Hitstallion Lycium Luck.

Failing his latest contract, he had been duped and sentenced by Princess Luna to a punishment befitting of a traitor. But when a Doctor authorises his release he is taken and is now confined to a small cell with nothing to do but talk to his trusty, albeit abused Pipbuck while awaiting his newest fate.

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  • Lycium Luck: A middle-aged cream coated, blue and black maned stallion who was one of the few Hitstallions of a reputable nature. He has a rather cheery personality despite the job he has, this is down to the way he looks at those he takes the lives of. He see's them as nothing more than a picture on a paper, a picture in need of erasing that is. A known lover of Wild Pegasus Whisky. Also an owner of one of the prototype PipBucks, it is larger than the PipBuck worn later on in the Stables, lacks the EFS (or he doesn't know how to work it), has a weaker version of SATS and contains a fixed map of every non-classified location in Equestria and the Zebra lands.
  • Doctor Red Bow: One of Doctor. Trottenheimer's associates in the O.I.A.
  • Security Guard: Your no nonsense sort of chap. Typical faceless henchman.


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