Fallout Equestria: Tales of a Junk Town Pony Peddler is an audio drama produced by Squeak Anon which follows the adventures of Prodigious Peddler (played by Miguel Moran/Draginite ) as he travels through the wasteland as a salespony. At current the series is still being published, with episodes coming out about once a week. The series is currently hosted on Tumblr.

Plot Edit

The series starts out in Hoofington the same location as Project Horizons, with Peddler traveling through the badlands and meeting various ponies and companions. He is a smart talking sales pony who tends to use his words or his revolver to get out of trouble. The stories take on an almost slice of life tone as Peddler faces feral Ghoul, stupid slavers and traitorous travelers. 

Characters and Stylistic Influences Edit

Unlike most Fallout Equestria spinoffs, Tales of a Junk Town Pony Peddler is done in the style of an audio drama. It is presented in the format of short plays narrated by Peddler as he travels.The stories so far seem to borrow heavily from Cowboy Bebop with each episode taking a real world song for musical tone and playing it over the action. There is a slight difference in that each song plays in universe. It is hinted that the reason some of the songs mention human life and culture is that Peddler ran into Doctor Whooves during his travels, and was given the records in exchange for a can of lemons. This also explains some of the more modern music used as opposed to completely traditional 60's-style Fallout music. The series seems western-themed, with Peddler's speech being thoroughly southern. He wanders from town to town similar to the heroes of 'spaghetti westerns', though he is seemingly far less heroic. Very little is known about his back story beyond the fact he is very staunch about ponies getting his name right. The rest of the cast seems static, with Peddler being the only constant throughout the first few episodes. As of Horse With No Name the stories have included a green mare by the name of Sun Beam, and a sleeping unicorn named Dreamer, who was found in the remains of a charred stable. Both of their origins remain unkown.

Episodes Edit


Episode Title Song Used Synopsis
Once in a Blue Moon Blue Moon, by Frank Sinatra Peddler and his current companion Domino walk through the badlands, when Domino stumbles upons some remnants of his old life.
Touch me Baby Touch me Baby, by The Doors Peddler takes a rest on his way to Flank. Though it seems not everyone is okay with his little 'Break'.

A Horse With no Name Horse With No Name, by America Peddler reaches flank, after selling his wears for few days he meets a strange mare who wants to leave the city, and a stallion who wants to help. But all may not be as it seems.
Mr. Sandman Mr.Sandman by The Cordettes Traveling with Sun Beam the pair find a strange stable, it's deserted and the floor is pitch black. While looking for scrap the just might discover what happened here...
Dream A Little Dream Dream a Little Dream by Ella Fitzgerald As Sun Beam and Peddler travel with their new found charge, a strange unicorn who won't wake up, they ruminate on their pasts...which may or may not be catching up with them.
Rhapsody In Blue Rhapsody In Blue by George Gershwin

Pack up your troubles

Smile Smile Smile

Peddler and Sun Beam take a shortcut through an old war town, though it may house more dangers than they know...and may reveal some secrets as well.

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