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Fallout Equestria: Taking Life by the Horns a Fallout: Equestria story, written by Pokonic. The story following one of the rare minotaurs of Fo:E, and takes place roughly a two to three years before Littlepip leaves her stable.


Ever Watchful was a typical young bull, eager to see more of the world outside his isolated home. At least, more of it besides the bleak wastelands that surrounded him every day. However, when actions beyond his control sends him in the direction of the city of Tauronto, the other last great city, he must question everything he has assumed about the world and himself as he carves out a new life.

Also, what the hell is this "Crystal Empire" place, anyway?

External LinksEdit

The story can be viewed on Fimfiction

Notes Edit

  • Blueberry Cream, the secondary protagonist that is introduced in the begining of the story, identifies herself as both a former Senior Scribe of the Steel Rangers but also as Blueberry Sabres  daughter, who was a minor antagonist in the original Fallout Equestria.
  • The New Caledonian Republic, a minor faction within the story, seems to be a much weaker precurser to the New Caledonian Alliance seen within Heroes .
  • The story features several lesser-seen races in Fallout Equestria, including horses and minotaurs.

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