Fallout Equestria: Sweet Child of Mine, by Salted Pingas (currently edited/proofread by PersonalGamer and (previously) G-man64), is the story of an Enclave pegasus mare by the name of Healthy Skies who becomes pregnant without a birth card. Skies, rather than give the child up, seeks help and eventually finds herself stuck below the clouds in a last ditch effort to avoid strict birth control laws. Having left her previously comfortable life behind, she's forced into a struggle to survive in her new home.

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The story—while not explicitly stated—takes place a short time before the events of Fallout: Equestria. It begins in the Enclave and shifts to an uninhabited expanse of the Wasteland in the middle of nowhere.

After a brief, and deadly, run-in with Raiders in an old abandoned church, a caravan arrives for some R&R. After a brief standoff and a bit of persuasion, Skies and Mist are allowed to tag along until the caravan's next stop, provided they pull their weight.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Healthy Skies: a medical student and part time nurse at a local hospital, she is way out of her depth in the new world below the clouds. While intelligent and skilled in her craft, she has very limited survival know-how or combat ability. Her cutie mark consists of a heart wrapped in crisscrossing bandages.
  • Red Mist: a soldier fresh from training, Red Mist is an old friend of Healthy Skies. While he couldn't give her the birth card he earned through joining the military (due to the fact that he waived his right due to a preference for stallions), he leads her down to the Wasteland with the intent of finding her a place to stay. He makes use of a set of Mark 2 Mod IV "Fencer" enclave armor with an extendable tail that can swap out its blade for numerous attachments. His cutie mark is not yet stated.

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