Rolling bones by piecee01-d62bo43

Rolling Bones Cover Art.
~ DAfavicon Piecee01

Fallout: Equestria - Rolling Bones is a side story, written by Honey Mead. The story follows Lucky Sevens, a pegasus stallion from Dise, working as a medic for the Watchers.


I didn't want this. I didn't want any of it. But every time... every Tartarus damned time...

It all started back in Dise, where fortunes can be won, or lost, on a single the roll of the dice. I never wanted to leave. Dise wasn't for me though, and I had to leave her for some fool Hero to fix. No, my chains dragged me, kicking and screaming, far to the west. To the cities of Palomino, where demons dice for souls of ponies... too bad everything's coming up Sevens.


Link to the story on Fimfiction. Link to Google Doc Index

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