Recovery Pip

Fallout: Equestria - Recovery, written by Archace, Follows a Stable-Pony named Rivet Turner, his brother Deadbolt and his only Friend Rose Gardens, as they are hunted and trying to survive in the wasteland of Equestia.

Synopsis Edit

Rivet Turner worked as a maintenance pony in Stable 12. He was one of the few lucky enough to get a job assignment that he actually enjoyed. One day, while working on the Overmare's terminal, he finds a message sent from outside the Stable.

The Stable is attacked. Now Rivet and his companions must survive in the wastelands of Equestia while being hunted down by a group lead by a simply named The Organization, lead by a pegasus named Mr.Avarice.  They face constant danger of Power-Armor clad henchmen and must try to find the purpose of a small computer chip named Y34RK.

Link Edit

The story can be read here.

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