Bellt Holes and Slug

Raider and Kid's Protagonists. Slug (Left) and Bullet Holes (Right) Art by
~ DAfavicon Demon-Keychain coloured by
~ DAfavicon Afriendlyhobo

Raider and Kid is a webcomic drawn and written by Demon-Keychain on Deviantart. The comic also has it's own Ask Blog. The story follows a Raider mother (Bullet Holes) and her colt (Slug) in their struggle to eke out an existence in the Equestrian Wasteland. They have to contend with their fellow Raiders who will callously try to murder them for what little they have.

The comic depicts various scenes from everyday Raider life, including their violence towards one another. Bullet Holes is nicer compared to other Raiders, she captured what looked like a scientist and forced him to teach her son to read rather than outright killing him. Bullet Holes has to frequently fight against Mercenaries and Raiders as well as the wildlife of the wasteland, like the feared Cazadorable.

The comic currently has 18 pages and a special 6 page hearts and hooves day prequel comic called Slug's Heart & Hooves Day, focused on Slug and another Raider filly named Nails.

The Story is set in the ruins of Buckingham in the Colterado province where they are involved in the Buckingham Raider Wars. So far all of the scenes have been memories of the past that kept getting overwhelmed by the present, as started in page 3, the last scenes on a page were the overarching story, which became 2 scenes a page, then completely taking over the pages by page 11.

The comic finished at 24 pages, the story continues in the sequel comic, Fallout: Equestria - Second Chances

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