Pure hearts by foxinshadow-d5x9rx0

Dovetail and Lilybloom looking at a frozen Stable door

Fallout: Equestria - Pure Hearts is a side story, written by SpiritofthwWolf. The story follows Dovetail, a earthpony mare and her friend Lilybloom, who goes out inthe the wasteland to see what there have happened with Equestria the 200 years they have been living in Stable 61.


Dovetail was a security officer in Stable 61 when that stable opened its door for the first time in 200 years. Chosen along with her best friend, Lilybloom, to be the first scouting party into the world above, these two mares will face their biggest hardships ever. Their tale will take them on the journey of their lives: from the comforts of their stable home all the way to the Frozen North and into legend.


Link to the story on Fimfiction and Google Docs

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