Ponies of Mass Destruction

Ponies of Mass Destruction is a side fic written by Pyromaniac


Dynamite "Dyna", a unicorn mare from Stable 21, and her best friend, Eclipse, escape the daily ridicule they face from their Stable mates as they try and make a new life for themselves in the Marejave. However, they soon learn Equestria isn't the sunny-fun place it seemed to be in Dyna's memories.


Some of us are misfits, some of us are outcasts, a couple of us up and left. We have been used, cheated, but never again. Sometimes we question ourselves, our ability to complete the task at hoof, but we never forget our duty. We owe it to Equestria, we owe it to ourselves. We will help anypony, and anypony who proves themselves can join us. Alone we are dangerous, but, as one, we are Ponies of Mass Destruction.


The story on Fimfiction.

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