Fallout: Equestria - Of Shadows is a side story set in the universe of Fallout: Equestria, told from the perspective of a Steel Ranger Scribe named Quillwright after she is stranded in Equestria's deep south. With her allies either dead or separated, she attempts the several-hundred-mile long return journey to the Rangers' Citadel in Fillydelphia.

The story can be read on FiMFiction.


Six years before Littlepip sets hoof into the Equestrian Wasteland, the Steel Rangers are hard at work hacking and decrypting maneframes within the Stable-Tec headquarters in Fillydelphia. The Scribes manage to compile a small list of registered Stables from all across Equestria, and of the several, one sticks out as a potentially valuable target: Stable 56. What information can be gathered suggests that the Stable contains a factory capable of producing medical supplies, a highly-valued resource in the post-war world.

Stable 56 is located in a region simply referred to by Wastelanders as "Southern Equestria," its original name long since forgotten. With nearly seven hundred miles between Fillydelphia and their destination, the Steel Rangers employ the use of their only airship, the Phoebe. A twelve-pony-strong expedition led by Knight Captain Orange Kyanite arrives at their destination in just under two weeks, and once inside find the Stable to be long-abandoned. Orange Kyanite and Acting Head Scribe Quillwright, a pegasus, investigate a mysterious, unmarked elevator shaft on the lowest floor. Upon discovering a terminal requesting Ministry of Wartime Technology credentials, the pair is attacked by a unicorn clad in advanced armor. The fight ends leaving both the Knight and Scribe immobilized; with no options remaining, Orange Kyanite detonates a grenade to kill the attacker.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Quillwright regains consciousness to find that her right wing has been completely dismembered and Orange Kyanite has succumbed to his wounds. As she struggles to escape the subterranean shelter, she discovers that all but three other members of her expedition have been killed and that the Phoebe has disappeared. Alone and without her ability of flight, Quillwright sets out into the Southern Equestrian Wasteland, determined to return home.

Characters Edit

  • Quillwright - A Steel Ranger Scribe, acting as Head Scribe during the Stable 56 expedition. As a pegasus born in the Wasteland to the north of Manehattan, Quillwright stands out among her fellow Rangers both in her physical features and her natural reading and writing ability. She has maintained a strong romantic relationship with her superior, Orange Kyanite, for several years by the events of Of Shadows. She has a beige coat and a graphite mane.
  • Orange Kyanite - A Knight Captain, leader of the Stable 56 expedition. Born into the Rangers, the earth pony has been raised to be a formidable combatant within his power armor and to uphold the ideals of his organization. Due to Aurora Tide's influence during his younger years and Quillwright's presence in later years, his opinions towards Wastelanders is much more favorable than most higher-ranked Rangers. His coat is orange while his mane is cobalt.
  • Tawny - An Initiate Scribe brought along on the Stable 56 expedition at the last minute. The Steel Rangers accepted the earth pony into their ranks solely due to his high reading comprehension, though many regard him as incompetent. The Rangers' decision to stop accepting Wastelander recruits following Tawny's enlistment isn't lost on him or any of his allies.
  • Aurora Tide - The expedition's Head Apothecary, Aurora Tide is a unicorn with a natural grasp of healing magic; her aura resembles her namesake. She is a motherly figure to the Rangers, particularly in Orange Kyanite's eyes.
  • The Armored Stranger - A heavily armed and armored unicorn encountered within the bowels of Stable 56. His or her identity and allegiance is unknown.
  • Willow Wisp - A shrouded unicorn guide who operates primarily out of Buckwater. Her sole magical abilities involve the manipulation of light. She is darkly cynical, foul-mouthed, and always seems to have connections with other ponies everywhere she travels.
  • Tough Sell - Proprietor of Buckwater's general store. True to his name, he is difficult to barter with, cruelly driving offers and prices as low or high as he needs in order to turn a profit.
  • Wick - An old dog belonging to Willow Wisp. Cowardly and of no use in a fight, he does demonstrate reliable tracking abilities and a steadfast loyalty to his master.
  • Marigold - A settler and friend of Willow Wisp's. Living out of a roadside diner, Marigold comes under attack from an aggressive group of tribals and in the chaos her husband, Harvest, is kidnapped. She is fiercely determined to protect him.
  • Camphor - The former doctor of Buckwater. Camphor is a slightly schizophrenic earth pony who has self-taught himself a vast array of medical practices. He roams the Wasteland aiding various indigenous tribes alongside his pet goremoth, Molly.

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