Fallout: Equestria - Of Shadows is a side story set in the universe of Fallout: Equestria, told from the perspective of a Steel Ranger Scribe named Quillwright after she is stranded in Equestria's deep south. With her allies either dead or fractured, she attempts the several-hundred-mile long return journey to the Rangers' Citadel in Fillydelphia.

The story can be read on FiMFiction.


Six years before Littlepip sets hoof into the Equestrian Wasteland, the Steel Rangers are hard at work hacking and decrypting the maneframes within the Stable-Tec headquarters in Fillydelphia. Engineers and Scribes manage to compile a small list of registered Stables from all across Equestria, and of the several, one sticks out as a potentially valuable target: Stable 56. What information can be gathered suggests that the Stable contains a factory that produces medical supplies, a highly-valued resource in the Equestrian Wasteland.

Stable 56 is located in a region simply referred to by Wastelanders as "Southern Equestria," its original name long since forgotten. With nearly seven hundred miles between Fillydelphia and their destination, the Steel Rangers employ the use of their only airship, the Phoebe. A twelve-pony strong expedition led by Paladin Orange Kyanite arrives at their destination in just under two weeks, and once inside find the Stable to be long-abandoned. Orange Kyanite and Acting Head Scribe Quillwright, a pegasus, investigate a mysterious shaft on the lowest floor, and upon discovering an out-of-place room, are attacked by a unicorn clad in advanced armor. The fight ends with both the Paladin and Scribe immobilized; with no options remaining, Orange Kyanite detonates a grenade to kill the attacker.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Quillwright regains consciousness to find that her right wing has been completely dismembered and Orange Kyanite has succumbed to his wounds. As she struggles to escape the subterranean shelter, she discovers that all but three other members of her expedition have been killed and that the Phoebe has disappeared. Alone and without her ability of flight, Quillwright sets out into the Southern Equestrian Wasteland, determined to return home.

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