Misfits Cover Art

Misfits Cover Art, featuring Snakebite & his friends.
~ DAfavicon Sw1tchbl4de

Fallout Equestria: Misfits is a side story written by DancingontheAshes. The story follows former caravan medic Snakebite Tourniquet as he becomes aware again in the desert near Old Appleloosa. Snakebite is missing a chunk of his memory after being kidnapped by the Unity Alicorns and made into an Alicorn, which were all female, himself included.

Snakebite must now try to get his life back on track, and begins by tracking down his old Trade Caravan.

Story can be read on FimFiction.


The story uses Project Horizons and Fallout Equestria as its canon, making direct references to Littlepip and Blackjack's exploits.

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