"Little boxes on the hillside,

Little boxes made of ticky tacky,
Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes all the same."

Little Boxes is a side story spin off of Fallout: Equestria. It is being written by GaryGibbon.

It follows the tales of a raider party known as the Insurrectionists, their leader and his marefriend (Turmoil and Bluebell respectively), and their constant war for survival against a wasteland filled with heroes, and the shadowy organization controlling them.

Story and SettingEdit

As is the norm for almost all the side stories, Little Boxes is set in the Equestrian Wasteland. However, rather than focus on some run-of-the-mill hero/heroine from a Stable or a faraway land, the story instead chooses to focus on one of the main Evil Factions in the stories:- the Raiders, or more specifically, the Insurrectionists, and their subsequent actions in a Wasteland changing for the "better".

The story has only just started being written; and the author does not wish to reveal what he has planned for the story. You can read what little there is on


The story starts with an unnamed Stablepony mare walking the ruined streets of Old Canterborough, hunting for the Insurrectionists. Along the way, she meets Monkey Wrench, a kind elderly stallion who shows her where the raiders are hiding. After accepting aid and supplies from the old stallion, she leaves with renewed courage. it is then revealed that Monkey Wrench is actually Turmoil in disguise. He contact his marefriend, Bluebell, and tells her to prepare an ambush for the Stablepony. The story then goes on to describe how the mare falls for the ambush and is captured, interrogated and killed by Morphine, one of Turmoil's two lieutenants. While this is going on, Turmoil chooses his next target: New Canterborough, the village that sent the wannabe Littlepip. He burns the village down and kills all the inhabitants, looting the place in the process. Afterwards, Turmoil mentions a place known as Area One-Five; a Pre-War military base being used as a headquarters by a faction known only as the Fascists. While he mulls over his next moves, the camp comes under the attack of a Steel Ranger patrol subconciously contrlled by PMP, and light casualties are sustained before Turmoil manages to finally interrogate and kill them. With them out of the way, Turmoil then reveals that the Insurrectionists must travel to the old resort city known as Brayton and meet with a cult known as the Anarchists, more specifically his father, in order to begin preparation of attack plans. It is also revealed that Specs was once a member of the Twilight Society, and that Morphine has contacts in the Reapers.

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