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Fallout: Equestria - Last Legacy is a side-story of Kkat 's Fallout: Equestria , written by Rolai Eckolo . Set in the same universe as the original, Last Legacy follows the story of a mare named Everdawn as she seeks out her parents across the land of Equestria and is inevitably tangled up in the mess that has been left behind by generations past. 



Taking place roughly 120 years after Littlepip sets hoof inside the S.P.P.Fallout: Equestria - Last Legacy explores the reformed Equestrian Wasteland  brought forth by the Gardens of Equestria. Here, a vast array of plants and animals have emerged and settled in the many jungles, valleys, forests, deserts, and deadlands that now cover the four regions. These still provide threats for ponykind, if not properly avoided. Beyond all of this lie the Outlands, where the environmental hazards of post-war Equestria still exist in great abundance. Ghouls are the primary inhabitants of these areas.

In the mainland, ponykind has now spread to the corners of Equestria, with a population estimated around a dozen million or so, not including griffins and zebras. Settlements like Junction R-7 and New Appleoosa have now become the primary headquarters of the NCR, while pre-existing cities such as Fillydelphia and Manehattan have built upon their roots and returned to their former glory. As such, they host an ever-growing population, while the cities themselves have been reconstructed into booming centers of commerce, trade, entertainment, and technological discovery. Integration of Stable-Tec technology facilitates this process, however the stables which served as inspiration for newer designs have since run dry, and the others have been lost to the massive plant overgrowth across the country. Fortunately, this also means that the corrupt few in power and the less morally-aligned factions who wish to gain access to this kind of technology are largely unable to.                

Story Edit

Last Legacy revolves around an oblivious earth pony mare by the name of Everdawn as she is violently ripped from her world of relative comfort and boredom and thrown into the Wastes. With nary a clue as to where she is, how she got there, or how to get back, Everdawn must go in search of home, family, and above all else, answers. It's a long road ahead, and she has a lot to learn about what it means to be a pony, what it means to have faith, and just what it might entail to be a hero. But with the help of her friends, she knows there's nothing she won't be ready for.

Along her journey, Everdawn is accompanied by five companions whom she comes to call friends: Noble, the curt unicorn stallion whose surreptitious origins and abilities would make him a threat if not for his undying loyalty;

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