Las Pegasus cover

Fallout: Equestria - Las Pegasus follows the adventure of Steele surviving in the Mojave-desert. The story can be read on fimfiction.

Description Edit

Las Pegasus: A beautiful city that was spared the destruction and chaos the Great War with the zebras had brought. A city where a large group of pegasi has escaped the military control and oppression of the Enclave and manages to co-exist with the city's other races as they struggle to make an existence in the unforgiving Mojave Desert.

Despite its seemingly welcoming exterior -- provided you can survive long enough to reach it -- Las Pegasus becomes the center of a power struggle between three large forces for control of its dam; a source of both literal and figurative power. As the ruthless forces of the Solar Legion from the east, and the massive army of the New Lunar Republic of the west struggle for lasting control of the dam, a new mysterious figure, known only as Mr. House, controls Las Pegasus and has his own plans for an independent Las Pegasus. The Mojave is torn apart and life is miserable for all those that dwell in this arid wasteland. 

Steele, just another unicorn trying to stay alive, never thought of himself as anything special. Cold and bitter from life in the Mojave, Steele does whatever it takes to survive and could care less if all of Mojave burns in hell. He could never do anything to change to way things were anyway... or could he? War, war never changes, but ponies do. Maybe even those as cold as Steele.

Trivia Edit

  • Fallout: Equestria - Las Pegasus's story follows some of the events of New Vegas in a different light than similar stories before it, as Steele only stumbles upon the courier and is somewhat unwillingly thrown into the action, while he has his own rich back story.

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