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Fallout Equestria: Gaia Prevails is a side story of Fallout Equestria, written by John Colt! It can be read on Fimfiction.

Description Edit

My name is Aideen; I know, I know, it's a stupid name for a pony, and if you pronounce it wrongly it even sounds male, but let's not get sidetracked here. I've lived through multiple mental breakdowns and severe physical beatings, but who hasn't in the dear wastelands? I can, however, claim that I'm a unique nutcase; there's something that differentiates me from the regular nutcases out there: The same evil entity that transformed Princess Luna into Nightmare Moon once upon a time wants me to be her new host.
Uhm... fun stuff...

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Aideen Edit

Aideen is a female unicorn and former slave of the Crimson Company. She is struggling with the decisions she has to make as a free pony now. She has to figure out what Craft seems to have planned for her.

Craft Edit

Crafts true nature is yet unexplained, but she appears to be an bodiless parasite capable of controlling a pony's body, and their senses, making her host, Aideen able to see, hear, and feel her.
she is the same entity that has turned Luna into Nightmare Moon.

Turbulence Edit

Turbulence was an Enclave-Major and an expert on the Wasteland until he was sent to interrogate Aideen. Craft kidnapped him without further ado during her escape, and has been a member of the party ever since.

Cirrus Edit

Cirrus was the CO of Cloud Nine-Two (Gaia Prevails) before Aideen showed up and caught the attention of the Enclave. Cirrus is ordered to follow Aideen and gain her trust as a double agent.

Reoccurring Characters Edit

Rosetta Edit

Rosetta is a Radio DJ for the Crimson Company, and she is in charge of the morning programm.

Pre-War Characters Edit

Spellfield Edit

Spellfield is a unicorn-zebra-hybrid and leader of Gaia Prevails before and during the war. His story is told with the Memories stored within the Memorhedron he designed.

Princess Celestia Edit

Celestia works together with Spellfield to stop the war.

Factions Edit

Gaia Prevails Edit

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Gaia Prevails was a resistance-group, which called out to protest the war. They stole wartime technologies which allowed ponies and zebras to kill each other in cruel ways. And protected zebra-made or -related artwork, confiscated by the Ministry of Image, as they contradicted Equestrias world-view.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

Technology Edit

Notes & Trivia Edit

The Crimson Company Edit

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The Crimson Company is an agricultural, industrial, social and militant organization. They control the semi-nutricious ground around the volcano Mt. Mustang, and have their Headquarters in the former Hot-Spring Resort Colt's Well.

Settlements Edit

Hufstein Edit

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As Ponies and Zebras tried to claim Hufstein after the war, they came to an agreement of letting the past behind them, and accepting everyone in the town. The city even democratically chooses their mayors.

Cloud Nine-Two Edit

Cloud Nine-Two is a small settlement of pegasi in the clouds near the peak of Mt. Mustang. The leader of the settlement is, like in every other Enclave-town, the highest ranking officer: Sergeant Cirrus, the only member of the Enclave in the settlement.

Trivia Edit

Staff Edit

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