GOTOV RAD 111 - Freedom Smaller

Fallout: Equestria - Freedom is an in-progress side-story written by WeaponPrime and can be found on Fimfiction

Overview Edit

Description Edit

The story revolves around Carefree, an escaped earth pony slave as he and his fellow escapee, Jerrycan, find themselves on the run from their previous owners. As they struggle to start to carve out their own life they begin to find that living in the Badlands is full of its own trials and tribulations.

Synopsis Edit


Setting Edit

Fallout: Equestria - Freedom takes place in the Badlands, the barren desert and rocky wasteland in the south-eastern portion of Equestria.

Characters Edit

Carefree 'Free' - The Main Character of the story.

Jerrycan - Free's fellow escaped slave.

Sentinel - A Unicorn Ghoul who served in the military under Princess Luna.

Image Sources: [1]

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