Fallout: Equestria - Fertile Ground is a non-canon sidestory spin-off of Fallout: Equestria, written by Warbalist

Fertile ground by mistermech-d5ticmc

Story cover art by
~ DAfavicon MisterMech

Fertile Ground, written by Warbalist, is a story about a power struggle near the city of Applewood.

When the first alicorn appears of the west coast of Equestria, the Steel Rangers resolve to discover the secrets of its origins and claim the technology for themselves. Little do they know of the truth of this creature. All the while, clandestine battles are fought to obtain a seat of power.


This story is set in an unspecified time before the events of the original Fallout: Equestria. It takes place in and around the southern west coast of Equestria. Locations include:

  • Applewood - The one-time movie and entertainment capital of Equestria.
  • Celestia's Acre - The blackened ruins of the city under Los Pegasus. It is the largest settlement in the area. Contains the Withershire district.
  • Balk - A small town in the desert to the east of Celestia's Acre

Main CastEdit

  • High Scribe Marrow - A raving sociopath searching for the height of technology and vying for a seat of power from within the Steel Rangers.
  • Plough - Well-read for a corn farmer's son, he desires an end to political corruption. He lives in Balk.
  • Raze - A trained spy and Dashite, he has been working around Celestia's Acre as an assassin for hire. He doesn't plan for the future because he believes he has none.
  • Chaff - She works at her father's bar/shop in Balk. She's in love with Plough and would follow him anywhere.
  • Fate - A Stable-born lab experiment who created a band of anarchistic, freedom fighters, Invictus, whose sole purpose is to "free" the ponies locked within the Stables in the area.
  • Trueheart - A Steel Ranger Paladin tormented by the death of his son. He wishes to clean up corruption and dissent within the ranks of the Steel Rangers.


Throughout the text there are links to songs and improvisations based on story. There is one track hidden in each chapter.

Read HereEdit

The story can be read on Google Drive or on FiMFiction.

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