Fallout: Equestria - Cartographers Tale is a side story written by Siresword. It can be found on fimfiction.

Story & SettingEdit

The story follows Carty Grapher, a descendant of the pegasi who escaped from Stable 98, as he travels the wasteland in search of a group of slavers who captured his marefriend and killed his father. The story is set in multiple locations across the wasteland, but spends the majority of time in the northern city of Pon-yet and the surrounding region of Neighagra. The story takes place approximately two decades before the events of Fallout: Equestria.


The story focuses on Carty Grapher, a young Pegasus stallion, from the small trading town of Mid-Point. When a caravan out from Hoofington is attacked by one of the local gangs near the town, Carty accompanies the group of stallions that goes to retaliate. The gang is defeated easily by the group and one of the gangers, an earth pony named Spider Web who was paralysed in the fighting, is taken prisoner. The group soon discovers, however, that the gangs attack on the caravan was a diversion designed to lead the towns defenders away, and that the real target was Mid-Point.

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