Fallout: Equestria - Audio Files Series is a series of Fallout: Equestria side fics written by ComicSansPony. They are all written in an audio log format. Each chapter is written from 1st person and the various sound effects are written into the text.

Stories Edit

Unscrewed Audio Files Edit

My name is Screwloose.  I'm a mental patient and resident of Ponyville Hospital mental ward.  A construction accident permanently danged my brain.  That was at least the case until the megaspells fell.  Locked in my padded cell and left to die as Equestria burned to ash in a storm of heat and balefire.  The radiation changed me and gave me back my sanity. Here are the audio logs of my adventures after as I try to find out if my sister made it safely to a stable. (read of FimFiction or hear it in its best format on youtube)

Brittleshine's Quest Audio Files Edit

By now you have likely heard my sister’s tragic story.  Mr. DJ Pon-3 elected to call it "Unscrewed Audio Files".  I am the Shoeshine from those logs, though as a Canterlot Ghoul I prefer Brittleshine.  Pinkie Pie predicted I would meet my sister again, I have hope that it will come true.  I have invited Screwy's fiancé, Dr. Stable Rate...who also became a ghoul...along for the search.  We will document our adventure like Screwloose did, in a series of audio logs that I will send to DJ Pon3 to play over the radio.  We will find my sister. (read of FimFiction)

Inspiration Edit

This series was inspired by both the Echo recorder fetch quests from Borderlands and the holotapes from various locations in the fallout games.

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