Anywhere But Here: Odds and Ends is a non-canon sidestory spin-off of Fallout: Equestria, written by Pacce and Stonershy

Foe anywhere but here by csimadmax-d4ze0oh-1-

Cover art by CSImadmax

Fallout: Equestria - Anywhere But Here: Odds and Ends was written by Pacce and co-authored by Stonershy. It also has a sequel


The prequel and tie-in to Anywhere But Here, Odds and Ends tells the episodic adventures of the brilliant, but unhinged griffon named Paharita and her borderline psychotic partner, Double Tap.

The twisted pair will journey all over the Equestrian Wasteland to uncover ancient tabloids, battle cyborg zombies, destabilize communities, engage in medical malpractice, have high noon shoot-outs, write bad fanfiction, and get laid. They will kill, steal from, or screw anything and anyone, all in the the pursuit of the only thing that matters: More.

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This story can be read on fimfiction .


Cover art by CSImadmax .

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