Commission fo e all that remains by rattlesire-d5tenav

Fallout Equestria All That Remains is a sidestory written by Camo Badger. The story follows the two Zebra Shayle and Felix, a brother and sister that had to leave their safe home for the world outside their village.


What do you do if your life is nothing but an incarnation of hell? Do you give up? Do you end it all? Or do you escape?

I thought escaping would lead me to a better life, one which I could be happier in. But the Wasteland can't allow that. It takes and takes, destroying everything you have, no matter how little you have left. It destroys all of it until nothing remains.

My name is Shayle, and I'm a zebra born and raised in the Wasteland that was once called Equestria. I wanted to escape my hell, and apparently I went the wrong way, because I only went deeper.


The story can be read on Fimfiction here.


All That Remains follows Shayle and her brother around the city of New Oatleans; A Pre-War city on the Southern edge of Equestria. The city is constantly torn by war, most currently between the Zebra Remnant and the Steel Rangers. The exact cause and nature of this conflict is unknown to all but the highest ranking officials on either side.

Most zebras and ponies living around the city refuse to enter it and constantly warn of how dangerous and deadly it is, however they rarely elaborate. Most haven't actually seen what happens within the towers and ruins of the city, only knowing that they should avoid it.

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