"Fallout Equestria: Storm Chasers" (formerly "Hyperion's Kaleidoscope") is a "Fallout: Equestria" side story written by Chaotic Dreams and edited/proofread by GaruuSpike, notMurphy, AnarchyArcher, and Raydner. 

The story can be read only on Google Documents. A link to the story's index page can be found here.


Surprise is a young pegasus mare eking out a modest existence as a third-rate Enclave soldier in the Primum Mobile Military Base, a remote weather outpost on the edge of the cloud cover. Life in the Equestrian Wasteland below is a constant fight for survival, but above the clouds, the worst thing Surprise has to deal with are the hallucinations caused by her schizophrenia. However, when the base discovers a hurricane is headed towards Enclave airspace, Surprise is among those sent into action to try and intercept it. As Surprise quickly learns, though, the impending tempest is no ordinary storm. Rather, it is a militarized pegasus city from before the Great War, possessing enough prewar wonders and horrors to make whoever gains control of it the most powerful pony in the sky...if the city doesn’t completely destroy the aerial nation of the Enclave.Edit