Fallen Caesar Style is a form of Hoof-to-Hoof combat.


Fallen Caesar Style was created by the Zebra and served as their main school of martial arts. The style of unarmed combat was practiced by the zebra military, especially the Caesar's personal guards. The style seems to involve a lot of bucking, employing the hind legs and hooves to deliver powerful and precise kicks. These bucks, when properly employed, can stun an attacker, leaving them utterly defenceless, unless they are a magic user like a unicorn who could still employ their magic.

Doombunny StyleEdit

A form of Fallen Caesar Style that was developed during the war. Doombunny style involves the heavy use of combat drugs to make a fighter frighteningly fast and deadly. The style was not practiced commonly by the zebra due to the heavy Equestrian influence this style has.

Known PractitionersEdit

Xenith - Xenith was a master of Fallen Caesar Style combat, using it whenever she had to physically defend herself or fight in Fillydelphia's arena. 'The Pitt'.

In Other StoriesEdit

Shuuja/Rampage - Shuuja, a war-era zebra who held the rank of Proditor was an expert at Fallen Caesar Style. Her knowledge of the art was passed on to Rampage, via the Phoenix Talisman.

Silent Requiem - Aurora Borealis has noted the young filly practicing this form of combat.

Mazini - He is an older zebra stallion who has developed his own branch of the Fallen Caesar Style, that he calls 'Yielding Hoof'.

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