Fallacy wiki image
By StormbadgerXIII
Race Changeling
Sex Androgynous
Faction/Role Stable 9 Changelings (former)
Family Changeling hive
Status Alive

Fallacy, introduced in chapter <unknown>, is a changeling and one of Nimbus' companions in Purity. He was an inhabitant of Stable 9.

He acts as the group's 'skeleton key', intelligence and medic, using his lockpicking skills and scientific knowledge to open paths not usually available to the group, and patching them up with his 'freaky knowledge of pony bodies'.



Fallacy, as he prefers to be known, was spawned in Stable 9. His spawning was flawed due to a radiation leak; he could not speak more than a series of hisses, which only the Changelings could understand, and had a deviant personality. He spent much of his time in the Stable's science wing, reading books and hacking the terminals. He was commanded by Queen Chyrsalis to hack and pick everything that might be vital to the changelings' survival, especially the food stashes (theorising that changelings do not only survive on love alone).

Modern DayEdit

This section will be filled out as the story progresses.



Fallacy looks like an average changeling, but is noted by Nimbus to have a greener eye colour. He, for some reason, often wears glasses. When he disguises as his 'ponysona', he is depicted as a runtish stallion with a theater mask cutie mark and a missing tongue.


With the ability to shapeshift, a deviant personality to the changelings and a high intellect, it should not be surprising that Fallacy is a bit of a prankster, tranforming into others just to annoy them.. He is surprisingly intelligent, often correcting others on their mistakes.


His time in the science wing of Stable 9 granted him access to a wide database of knowledge. He knows quite a lot about pony physiology and can apply it to help heal and cure. He is also quite well learned in arcane and mundane sciences, and has the ability to lockpick rather well, being the only one in the Stable who could.


Fallacy carries with him a pair of glasses, and, in a little sack, lockpicking tools and miscellaneous junk he holds dear.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Fallacy overtook the position of a planned Griffon mercenary, named Gracia, as the 5th member of Nimbus' party. Gracia might be making an appearance in Purity, but as a lesser character.
  • Fallacy was orignally called Fallas, but it was altered due to 'realising it sounds relatively rude'.
  • Quote from Stormbadger:
"Fallacy was more of an afterthought that evolved into a much better idea. He's sort of this tricky little sod with a vast intellect, like Discord crossed with Twilight, only less finnicky and trollful. I admit, it would be weird for a changeling to be the groups medic/hacker/lockpicker, but a spawning defect caused his errant personality to emerge. He was born with one thing most changelings seem to lack: individuality. He is in a tie for my favourite companion to Nimbus. The other is Gibson."

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