Full Name Unknown
Race Alicorn
Sex Female (?)
Faction/Role Unaligned
Family None
Status Alive

Evey is a supporting character in the fanfiction Fallout Equestria: Shades of Grey.

Background Edit

Evey (also known as 'Subject Lambda-13') was one of the test subjects in Stable 87. Unlike most of her peers, she did not join the Unity, and in fact ressent her alicorn brethen for leaving her stranded in her cell for two centuries.

Kind and compassionate, the template used during her forced mutation made her a perfect Princess Luna lookalike.

It is hinted she used to be a pegasus in the Medic Corps during the War.

The character Edit

Evey is an artificial alicorn. Spring, the protagonist of Shades of Grey, freed her from Stable 87.

Kind hearted, she does not seem to make any difference between reality and imagination.

She seems to have taken a liking to Spring, and vowed to accompagny her in her endeavors.

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