Energy Bow
Energy bow
Image of the Energy Bow
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Type Magical energy weapon.
Type of Damage Kinetic, puncture, magical.
Owner Aideen.
Manufacturer Unknown, modified by Aideen
Yeah, no. I'm not gonna give the bow a name.

The Energy Bow is an energy weapon used and modified by Aideen throughout most of her travels in the Equestrian Wastelands.

It was presumably a prototype and is now one of a kind.

Function Edit

The energy Bow is a very peculiar weapon. The recurve bow is only the outer shell, but it magically creates it's own arrow of pure energy. To both sides of the handle is an indentation to input energy cells which the bow uses simultaneously. Once the string is drawn out the bow collects the spanned kinetic energy from the span, and the energy contained in the energy cells to form an arrow. The longer the string is drawn out the more power the arrow collects from the energy cell up to twice the original strength.

History Edit

Pre-War Edit

Like many weapon it was stolen by Gaia Prevails and stored in the Facility at Mt. Mustang. The way the weapon is decorated indicate it was made by Zebras.

Modern Day Edit

Along other items it was taken by Aideen, but as it is a rahter interesting and effective weapon Aideen keeps and modifies it.

Trivia Edit

  • The idea for an energy bow came from zebras more traditional way of fighting and improving their weapons, like the Energy Lance.

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