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Overview Edit

The Enclave are the military branch of the Pegasus Union in FOE: Loyalty. Enclave personnel are divided into sectors aboard their airships. Sectors are the departments of the ship that require it to function. This system applies to all classes of airship be they storm class or dreadnought class.

Storm Class ships act as both Frigate and Destroyer in combat

Dreadnoughts are your heavy hitters

Airship Crew List Edit

  • Command Sector-Comprises of high ranking ponies who stand in the bridge alongside the captain while also acting as managers to the lesser ranks.
  • Defenders: As the name suggest this comprises of battle groups who are deployed into combat such as infantry and aerial. The defenders are led by a Sergeant Major who works in unison with the captain or the Admirals
  • Medical Sector- Maintains health and wellness of the crew while also being the chefs of the ship.
  • Engineering Sector- Maintains and repairs both ship and aircraft functionality. Divided into minor branches

Air Branch: Works on aircraft such as Vertibcks

Ship Branch: Works on the ship itself

  • Intelligence Communication Sector: Responsible for the gathering and dissemination of information from higher command and scouting parties.

Ship Ranking System Edit

Major, Mediums and Minors are general terms used to describe the duty of the pegasus in question. Majors are the commanders, mediums are the managers, and minors are the grunts. Roles are restricted to on-the-base work.

Majors Edit

  • Admirals: Highest officer rank in the enclave navy. Headed by the Fleet Admiral with two sub-admirals on his/her left and right
  • Rear Admiral: Second in command to the Admiral.
  • Captain: Commands a single vessel.
  • 1st and 2nd Commander: The number varies but most storm class ships have no more than two of this rank who are second and 3rd in command to the captain. They primarily act as managers to the lesser ranks while doing office work. If the captain is out of commission the 1st commander becomes captain and so on.

Medium Edit

  • Lieutenant Major: Head of a sector/department aboard the ship except for the command sector who is headed by the captain.
  • Lieutenant Minor: Acts as a manager and trainer to their respective sector. Meant to take some of the workload off the Lieutenant Major.
  • Warrant Officer: Tech Specialist in their respective field of expertise. Examples would be in Aviation, Ammunition, Intelligence and Information. Used in skilled positions that require a master of the craft and is given command authority until task is done.

Minor Edit

  • Petty Officer: Are the ‘squad leaders’ of the navy’s minors.
  • Glider: Do most of the heavy lifting on the ship and are the 'seaman'. Examples are loading and unloading supplies, cleaning the deck, etc. Every glider is required to have combat training should the ship ever be boarded. Duties include but not limited to gun operator, ship communicator, ship pilot, cook (sometimes).

Defenders Edit

Fill in as both Army and Air Force. Primary do field work.

  • Colonel: Are the generals of the entire enclave military. Act as advisors to the Union Council and in some cases field commanders. On the field they are referred to as Colonel Commander and specialize in strategy. Can command alongside a Fleet Admiral. Does not see deployment unless the safety and security of the entire Union is at stake.
  • Sergeant Major: The 1st and 2nd Lieutenant in the enclave under the Colonel. Does administrative work and takes some of the workload off the Colonel. On the field they lead the primary ground force of over twenty hoof soldiers called a platoon and is the highest rank required during a major ground operation. Depending on the operation the Sergeant Major can work with either the captain or the fleet Admiral. Leads a Battalion.
  • Flight Sergeant: On the field, can lead multiple wings of pegasi called a ‘Flight’. Off the field they act as managers and mentors.
  • Sergeant: The squad leader of a group of up to four ponies including oneself is called a ‘wing’. Oversee the daily tasks of their underlings. Are required to give respect to their privates and should expect such courtesy in return.
  • Corporal: An emergency rank that is assigned to a squad member by the Sergeant if he/she is out of commission. It is an temporary rank only used in times of peril.
  • Private: After basic training a pegasus becomes a private. Carries out orders to the best of their ability. Can be referred to by the sergeant as a wing pony.

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