Elder Stanier (Broken Steel)
Title Steel Ranger Elder
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Pondale Steel Rangers
Elder Stainier was the Commander of the Pondale Steel Rangers.

History Edit

Stainer and his Steel Rangers were based out of the old Braytish founded town of Pondale. They lived within the Air control Tower at the Pondale airport and used the facility as their base of operations. He adopted Appletart Longshot into their order where she discovered her talent for being a sniper. Later on, Stainer finds out that Appletart killed Nightingale and gone rogue.

The Pondale regiment carried on without Appletart and was attacked by Motor Runner and his army of infected Raiders a few months later. Appletart returned to Pondale to discover the town and Rangers had all been killed, Elder Stanier survived for a few days, dying slowly and in agony. Appletart mercifully ended his life and left to seek revenge on Motor Runner.

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