Echo (Operation Flankorage)
Echo by mistermech
Echo in her Enclave uniform
~ DAfavicon mistermech
Full Name Echo
Race Pegasus
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Grand Pegasus Enclave, Ocher Bullion
Family unknown

Echo is a pegasus who is a lieutenant in the Grand Pegasus Enclave. She was rescued by Ocher and Maple from the Whorl Timber slave yard. Afterward she travelled the area around Flankorage, a city north of Canterlot, with Ocher Bullion. She is a main character in the Fallout: Equestria - Operation Flankorage.


Echo is a lieutenant in the Grand Pegasus Enclave. She has revealed very little of her personal life at this point. When Ocher and Maple found her, she was being held captive by the slaver, Sandstone. On being freed, she joined Ocher and Maple in destroying the Whorl Timber slave camp.


Echo has a very straight personality, very typical of the good soldier. However she has been know try her hoof at a few joke, however her straight demeanour tends to dampen their impact. Due to her molestation by the slaver Sandstone, she had developed a fear of being touched physically, making her react violently to touch even when she doesn't want to.


She is a black pegasus mare with a turquoise mane and tail. Her eyes are blue. Her cutie mark is a green radar with the bar pointing north-west.


Melee: Her knifes make Echo a close combatant. She has used her knifes to strike killing opening blows on more than one occasion.

Sneak: Echo favours the stealthy approach over outright fighting and so has learned to take out her opponents silently. She also disappears and reappeared quite suddenly a lot.


Various knifes - A collection of blades which Echo wields with deadly efficentcy.

Tailblade - A standard blade attached to the tip of her tail.

Enclave Mask - A mask which Echo gets after arriving in Flankorage.

Enclave Officer's Uniform - Her uniform.

'PipHat' - A hat which grants grants Echo a radar. Nicknamed by Ocher.






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