The East Eden Company is a plantation that operates in Poneva city. They are featured prominently in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn


The East Eden Company, led by Winter Blossom, is the largest plantation in the Northern Wastes. They produce the majority of all food in all of the Northern Wastes, and their fruit and vegetables are distributed throughout the entire Eqestrian wasteland. They use slaves to cultivate their crops; these crops are grown through an unknown process that can somehow purify water and farmland without the use of water talismans or talismans of any nature.

Though a generally docile organization, they will take any and all measures to stomp out anypony or anything that threatens their interests, fielding the Blood Brothers , their cannon fodder, and the Novaran Pikes to uphold company interests. Their company property is heavily defended by their mercenary contractors. 

The company itself is waging a cold war against the Sunny Days Company, and, to a lesser extent, the World Tree Company, who threaten to displace their monopoly on the agricultural market of the Equestrian wasteland.


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