Dyna ready for action.
~ DAfavicon BurningMyElectronics
Title None
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Stable 21-Formerly
Family Unknown
Status Alive

Dyna is a unicorn mare, formerly a Stable 21 resident before she left along with Eclipse. She is the protagonist of the story Fallout: Equestria - Ponies of Mass Destruction.


Not much of Dyna's past is known, besides she lived in Stable 21 all her life, working as a janitor, constantly bullied for being a blank flank. Eclipse was her only friend through this time.

Modern DayEdit

When Stable 21's doors opened, Dyna made a run for it with Eclipse, but not before having a disturbing vision of a pegasus sawing her wings off. The two had a very brief chat with Watcher before setting off. They were caught in a crossfire, in which Dyna was pursued by a deranged unicorn stallion. She discovered sticks of dynamite, and after somepony yelled at her to light it, nearly blew herself up when the dynamite started a chain reaction with more explosives the stallion had on him. Dyna gained her cutie mark just before blacking out.



Dyna is a tan unicorn mare, with emerald eyes and a dusty lavender mane she keeps pulled into a ponytail at all times.


Dyna is shown to have a loose, carefree personality, but will get snippy and rude, or otherwise greatly depressed on certain subjects, but Eclipse has twice been able to easily pull her out of the dump.


Dyna has not yet shown to be exceptionally talented in any realm, aside from with explosives, which is where her cutie mark announces she excels.


Dyna's only current equipment is her PipBuck, a unique model Eclipse was able to get for her, "not by threatening the PipBuck technicians with a sharpened toothbrush." Eclipse confides her that the only other one of that model is her own.



Eclipse is Dyna's closest friend, the two sharing a sisterly bond. Eclipse gave Dyna a PipBuck, which is a sister to her's, and easily makes her feel happy. The two will get occasionally get hostile with each other, but never without some humor in between.


  • In a blog post regarding Ponies of Mass Destruction, the author admitted that Dyna is an extremely distant relative of Littlepip, but was sheer coincidence, as Dyna was a roleplay character before the author had heard of the original FO:E.

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