Duty and Sacrifice.

Blackjack using both Duty and Sacrifice.
~ DAfavicon MisterMech

Duty and Sacrifice are a pair of long barreled, five-shot .45 caliber revolvers that once belonged to Vanity Blueblood. They had been in secure storage since the Last Day.



In combat, Vanity used Duty and Sacrifice in concert with a pair of saddle-mounted rifles. He presumably commissioned their creation upon joining the Equestrian Army.

Modern DayEdit

Blackjack discovered the revolvers in Vanity's locker at Miramare. The password to open the locker was "REGRET". She used them to practice her levitation as her magic returned, and soon had reason to use them in battle once again.



Duty and Sacrifice are notably larger and heavier than Blackjack's primary sidearm, Vigilance. They are decorated with intricate scrollwork depicting magical fire. The revolvers are chambered for the powerful .45-70 cartridge, which is slightly smaller in diameter but significantly longer than Vigilance's ammunition.

The paired revolvers are extremely effective in combat. They have been seen to punch through pre-war body armor with ease and leave ponies' heads in ruin. The revolvers also proved effective against power-armored Enclave troopers when Blackjack could land a hit on the visor. Their main disadvantage is their low ammunition capacity and slow reload time.

Magical PropertiesEdit

Though heavy, the revolvers are apparently enchanted to assist the user's telekinesis, making them easy to levitate with a minimum amount of concentration. They also seem to be intended for simultaneous use, Blackjack notes that firing both at the same target is no more taxing than firing one.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Duty and Sacrifice are based on the Ranger Sequoia revolvers found in Fallout: New Vegas.

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