Drink Mix
Oc request drink mix by bluefeathercat-d5aen6g
The many expressions of Drink Mix
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Flank
Status Alive
Drink Mix is a Main character in Fallout: Equestria - Project Polymorph. She is a former prostitute from flank, who now runs the Wild Whiskey Bar in New Whitetail.


Present DayEdit

Drink Mix lives a somewhat monotonous day to day life of serving drinks to the patrons of her tavern. Quick Scope is a regular and a friend. One day things change drastically when the regular and heavy drinker brings in a young filly.

After a quick talk, a few hurt feelings, and day of business she closed up shop. She later found Quick Scope and an unconscious Cutie Bell at her doorstep. After patching Quickie up and watching over him she washed the filly up and then defends the bar from the onslaught of Mercenaries.



Drink Mix is a light blue unicorn mare with hot pink eyes and a mane that is a mix of pink and lavender.


Drink Mix has an over amiable personality, except when a stallion flirts or hits on her. In this case she will physically harm or threaten the would-be-suitor with either a gun or a buck to the face. She has a somewhat motherly nature around Cutie Bell. She has been known to unknowingly act quite erotic and sensual, such as when she accidentally gave Quick Scope a very clear look at her intimate parts.


Drink Mix's former business was the pleasure of others so as such she is quite convincing. She also seems to be a rather accurate shot with a revolver


Drink Mix's sole weapon is a .357 revolver

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