Dr. Stable Rate, introduced in a "native recording" in Audio Log #002, but not officially named until Audio Log #20, is the first doctor to try to treat Scewloose and was her fiancé before her accident. He is given this pseudonym of "Doctor Who" by Screwloose when trying and failing to remember his name when he is introduced.

Dr. Stable Rate is a minor character in the story Unscrewed Audio Files, but is one of the proragonists of Brittleshine's Quest Audio Files.

This doctor was the first owner of The Recorder.

Dr. Stable Rate
Title Dr.
alias Doctor Who
Race unicorn
Sex stallion
Faction/Role Ponyville Hospital Mental Ward (Formally)
Family Screwloose (Ex-Fiancé)
Status Alive (pony Unscrewed Audio Files)
  Alive (ghoul Brittleshine's Quest Audio Files)

History Edit

Before the War Edit

He was a pediatrics resident when he met, dated, fell in love with and eventually proposed to then construction worker Screwloose. Following Screwy's accident he abruptly switched his studies to psychiatry in an effort to help his love. This lead to too much heartache and he switched back to Pediatrics feeling he was doing Screwloose more harm than good.

He tried to return pediatrics, but all the residency courses were already started. The only class that allowed transfers was general surgery. He turned out to be rather skilled.

During the War Edit

By the time he had finished residency the war was already in full swing. He was hired as the on staff surgeon for High Tower.

After the War Edit

He was on a day off on the final day. With High Tower under lockdown and the undetonated megaspell warhead leaking radiation Dr. Stable Rate went in to help refugees at the hospital down the street from the prison. While helping he refused RadAway and RadSafe. He then became a ghoul. With radiation now healing him and many of the refugees he stopped practicing medicine.

Durring Fallout: Equestria Edit


Durring Project Horizons Edit

Began practicing medicine again to help the injured during the Battle of Hoofington. After the battle he found out about Recurrence and Brittleshine. He dropped her a line, but she didn't respond for 10 years.

Present Edit

About the same time that Brittleshine sent him word about Screwloose possibly being alive he heard Screwloose's recordings over the radio. He then made the trip to Recurrence to join the search for Screwy.

Relationships Edit

Screwloose Edit

She was his fiancé prior to her accident. Following her accident she was also his patient. He officially broke off the engagement when he failed to help cure her of her dog-like mental state. Though he never forgave himself for being unable to help her. If she is still alive he would like to get married to her.

Brittleshine Edit

As the sister of Screwloose they were close, but grew distant after Screwy's accident. 210 years after the megaspells she contacted him to help her find Screwloose.


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