Dr. Marine Bio, introduced in Chapter 1: Bon Voyage, is the head marine biologist for Stable 30 who has an irrational fear of water.

Dr. Marine Bio is a side character in the Fallout: Equestria side story Fallout: Equestria - Adrift.

Dr. Marine Bio
Full Name Dr. Marine Bio
Title Dr.
Race earth pony
Sex filly (mare)
Faction/Role Stable 30 head researcher, marine biologist
Status alive

History Edit

Past Edit

Being a scientific prodigy she received her cutie mark much earlier than usual and was appointed head researcher in the marine biology lab by Gristle's predecessor Gundhoof. Sometime before Gundhoof's death her hydrophobia evolved into paranoia.

Present Edit

Following the stable setting sail and the waves thrashing it she completely looses her mind. She claims that everything happened because she is studying to see if zooplankton has mutated to be able to control water. She says that the water is trying to kill her and that Gristle is in league with the water and also wants her dead. She also believes it was the zooplankton that killed Gundhoof.

She is found cowering in the marine biology lab supply closet and is removed by security and medicated fro her paranoia.

Personality Edit

She is a prodigy in the field of marine biology despite having hydrophobia. This hydrophobia evolved into an irrational fear of the zooplankton in sea water that she believes is out to get her to stop her from discovering it. She trust no pony becides Gundhoof and believes everypony else to be under the control of the zooplankton.

Relationships Edit

Gundhoof Edit

Close friend who appointed Dr. Bio to her position as head researcher.

Posey Edit

Close friend.

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