Dr. Cortex, introduced in a "native recording" durring Audio Log #004, is a psychiatry doctor working at Ponyville Hospital before and during the war.

Dr. Cortex is a minor character in the story Unscrewed Audio Files.

This doctor is the second owner of The Recorder and the second to work on Screwloose's case following Doctor Who.

Dr. Cortex
Full Name Dr. Cortex
Title Dr.
Sex stallion
Status alive

History Edit

Before the War Edit

He was passed Screwloose's case after Dr. Stable Rate gave it up. He attempted to prescribe Cortexaphan to Screwloose, but it didn't work. He also noted the orderlies treating her like a dog and was determined to stop them because it might make Screwy's condition worse. At some point he misplaced The Recorder and it ended up in the hooves of Bedside Manner.

During the War Edit

The Doctor finds the recording in Bedside's possession and subsequently the recoding of the rape. Appalled he brought it to the hospital board. They opted to cover it up to save face after the Ministry of Peace cut the hospital's funding.

He was outwardly disgusted by the choice they made, but concluded it was for the better since a lawsuit would run the hospital into the ground, and he still sincerely wanted to help Screwloose. Something that can't be done without a hospital. He assumes once she is cured then she can take him to court.

Sometime later he is drinking in a bar after the hospital filed for bankruptcy. He is approached by a unicorn calling himself Vial from Green-Med Pharmaceuticals. Vial offers him a way to fix everything, but Dr. Cortex denies his help.

A few days later he finds out the hospital board agreed to Vial's proposition. He now must test experimental drugs on Screwloose or lose his job, the good news is they are drugs developed to help Wartime Stress Disorder, which may also help Screwloose.

One of these drugs Thyrorudin Glucotamine appears to make Screwloose ludcid enough to ask for her sister. Dr. cortex tries to get that request granted by Vial, but is denied.

Relationships Edit

Screwloose Edit

She became his patient after Doctor Who gave up on her case.

Vial Edit

The slimy corporate proxy of Green-Med who became head of Ponyville Hospital after it was purchased by the company.

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