Dr. Clockwork, introduced in chapter seven: Clockwork Infinity, was a wartime scientist for the MAS. He also co-owned Time Turner Clockwork Company and loaned part of his factory near Detrot to the MAS for research.

Dr. Clockwork is a side character in the the Fallout: Equestria side story Fallout: Equestria - Ballad of a Crystal Pony.

Dr. Clockwork
Title Dr.
Race unicorn
Sex stallion
Faction/Role MAS
Status deceased

History Edit

Past Edit

He was a brilliant scientist of old Equestria. Before working for the MAS he opened a clock manufacturing company with his partner Time Turner. When war broke out he was hired by the MAS and loaned out part of his factory for research. He primarily worked on a project called Project: Infinity.

He also allowed Stable-Tech to build a stable beneath his factory, however he commandeered it and set up his own experiment when Twilight rejected his proposal. He installed an experimental time dilation talisman somewhere in the stable and only he knew how to turn it off and on. He intended to take control of the stable from the Overmare. Unfortunately, when the mega spells fell he did not make it to the stable Trapping its inhabitants in an eternity of time dilation.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Incredible smart and very business oriented, though very cocky.

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