Doomtune -- real name Aurius -- is a recurring side character in Fallout: Equestria - New Roam, and is a member of the Specters, a secretive military organization.


Doomtune is a zebra stallion, and a member of the Specters. His parents raised him with contempt, as he is the child of a raider that raped his mother. They told him the story of his despicable conception over and over again, much to his depression.

At the point when his parents could get rid of him, they sold him to slavers near the city of Canterium, where the Specter's main base of operations is. It was on his way on a slaver convoy to the slaver's camp that he was saved by Predator, who spared only him and a few other slaves. Predator brought him to Canterium Prime for training, and he has since become a full-fledged operative.

Present DayEdit

Doomtune first met Goldwreath when the latter was talking to the former's superior, operative Balaclava. Goldwreath had gotten himself captured to buy Myst time to escape, much to her own chagrin. Myst then ran into Doomtune, who was travelling with Balaclava's sister Butterscotch. Myst convinces them to bring her, seemingly captured and beaten, to the bandits. When Doomtune and the other operatives learn of just how much trouble Myst got herself into, they rescue her from being raped herself.

Doomtune once more appears with the team that boards the VTOL that captured Goldwreath and his friends. He is nearly killed, however, when Predator crashes their VTOL into Executor Thanus' own transport, and sending them crashing to the ground. Predator, using means unknown to Goldwreath, revives Doomtune, who is immediately thankful.

Doomtune, after leaving the battle at the Roaman dam to Predator and accompanying Goldwreath to the Forum to stop a balefire megaspell threat, accompanies them to the Great Library of Alexandria. And later on, when the party arrives at the Forum itself, he is still in their company.


Doomtune loves music, as indicated by his usage of a strange type of headset to play music of various genres at ridiculously loud and weaponized volumes. He has a tendency to play music at even the most improper times, such as when boarding the VTOL holding Goldwreath captive.

Doomtune also hates all 'raping scumbags' as he himself was the spawn of a rapist. He is the most concerned for Myst's welfare, next to Goldwreath, when it is revealed that the bandits who captured her may have been attempting to rape her.

Doomtune, like Goldwreath, cares deeply for the post-apocalyptic Roaman empire. However, unlike Goldwreath, whose overprotectivenesss seems more sided to the structures, Doomtune's care is concentrated entirely on the people. This lead to a minor argument between the two, with Goldwreath ending up accepting that there's more to Roam than the structures.


  • His real name is unknown, as Doomtune is merely his operative name.

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