When you’re out in the snow, knowing what dead pony blew the world up isn’t gonna save you when the monsters come out.
Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Family Sugar Rum (Mother), Summer Smiles (Aunt), Hops (Sister)
Status Alive

Doodle, introduced in Chapter 9, is an earth pony filly who lives with her aunt, Summer Smiles, and her twin sister, Hops.  She is a supporting character that appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn.    


Doodle is innocent and hyperactive, often not knowing whether what she's going to say or do is appropriate to the situation at hoof. She is described by Red Dawn as an aggressive, angry squirrel. Doodle is extremely eccentric and jumpy, often speaking before she thinks and is ignorant to the point of being almost cynical - which may or may not be a product of her innocence clashing with the not so innocent world around her.

Doodle would rather play and have fun than sit down and learn; if she despises anything more than boredom, it is learning history, which she believes is useless. She sees the past as something worth forgetting, and doesn't care about how the world ended and would rather focus on learning things that could help her survive or become more efficient in the wasteland.

She irritates her sister often, dismissing Hops' opinions on academia as rubbish and not worth listening to.


Doodle and Hops, the fatherless children born of Sugar Rum, lived with their mother and their aunt, Summer Smiles prior to Rising Dawn. They continue to do so today, but with their mother gone due to work, Summer Smiles has become, not only their caretaker, but a second mother to them.    


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